CHICAGO. When Mrs. O'Leary's cow spilled the lamp that reduced the Chicago of 1871 to cinders, this cleared the site for what was to become the wolds's greatest grain market, the worlds'greatest livestock and meat-packing center. Chicago is the nation's second most imortant city in volume of trade and conmmercial activity.

MILWAUKEE, WIS. It's fine lager beer is only one reason why Milwaukee is famous. Milwaukee is one of the chief manufacturing and commercial centers of the midwest. And it is also the gateway to a vast, unspoiled summer and winter Vacationland of lakes and rivers and natural scenic beauty which attaracts more than 6,000,000 visitors a year.

MUSKEGION, MICH. Flying between Milwaukee and the industrrial citly of Muskegoon you get an idea of the advan- tages of air travel. The 85 miles over Lake Michigan is just a 39 minute trip by air -- several hundred miles and many hours by land route.

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. From an early history of steamboating, timber and sawmilling, Grand Rapids grew to be the nation's furniture style capital.

Furniture stores all over the country are now stocked with furniture from Grand Rapids. In season about 3,000 buyers visit the city to examine the displays.

DETROIT, MICH. This of course, is the world's No. 1 automobile center , but during the war the citizens of Detroit adopted a new slogan for their city "Powerhouse of Victory". More war material was produced here than in any other city in the worldd. A bomber an hour was the record at Willow Run!

CLEVELAND, OHIO. This is not only the mid-west hub of the nation's airline operations, but the nerve center of American aviation. From the hangars and laboratories of the National Advisory Commitee for Aeronautics came the data that made America pre-eminent in air combat. Here's where Capital Airlines PCA made it's first air mail delivery back in 1937 in a small biplane.

AKRON, OHIO. The blimps and bar- age ballons that patrolled our coasts during the war came from Akron, the rubber capital of the world. Over 30,000 articles made of natural and synthetic rubber, ranging from rubber bands to rubber tires come from Akron.


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