Operating a major airline like Capital over 5,409 route miles in the industrial heart of the United State requires aircraft servicing bases of considerable size. One such base in Chicago daily readies planes for passenger, mail and cargo service. Maintenance operations of this type present serious fire hazard problems, for a flash fire in the hangar area could result in building and equipment losses of staggering proportion. That's why Capital Airlines safeguards her capital investment with "Automatic" Sprinkler fire protection.

  Scores of sensitive Rate-of-temperature-Rise heat detectors stand ready to discover at the first indication of flame. Hundreds of scientifically spaced "Automatic" Sprinklers , operating off a battery of Suprotex-Deluge systems, are prepared to shower water throughout the fire area, thereby protecting the building and contents. And most important, the entire operation would be accomplished within seconds from the time the fire originated. Little wonder that Capital looks upon "Automatic" Sprinklers as an important improvement in their unceasing program of positive fire defense.
  Whether yours is an airline operation or any other type of commercial, industrial or institutional business, you'll get dependable fire protection with "Automatic" Sprinklers. Write or call today for complete information on how you can save lives... save property ... and save money with "Automaric" Sprinklers.

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