Years ahead for smooth, quiet comfort


There's a mood of serene satisfaction in Viscount flying that is felt by passengers young and old. From effortless take-off to easy landing, your Viscount trip shows how smooth and graceful modern air travel can be. The four slim Rolls-Royce jet-prop engines murmur along at more five miles a minute. You can write, talk, sip you coffee with never a hint of vibration. Through the big panoramic windows earth and sky

present new and ever inviting vistas. Thirty air lines the world over report that Viscounts increase passenger traffic by over one-third. Next time you travel, fly Viscount. It's tomorrow's way to fly and it's here today!You can fly Viscount with Capital Airlines, Trans Canada Air Lines, British West Indian Airways and Cubana Airlines. Remember there are many other airlines featuring Viscount service throughout the world.

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