This is one of 11 Douglas DC6B's that was delivered to Pan American World Airways on April 12 1952 as N6523C and named "Clipper Betsy Ross". Leased to Capital between February 7, 1960 to May, 1961. Back to Pan Am, re-named "Clipper Georgia" and then later changed to "Clipper Berlin". Stored in Miami, Florida in 1968 until sold on September 17 1968 to Air Lease Inc. Sold to Skyway International Inc. in February 1971. Leased to Trans Air Cargo in 1975. Back to Skyway International Inc. in 1976. Damaged beyond repair after forced landing in shallow water at Laguna de Brus, Honduras on February 17 1978.

DC 6B Specs.
Douglas DC-6B 1951
(ATC 6A4)Engines: four 2400hp P&W R-2800
Wing span: 117'6" feet
Length: 105'7" feet
Maximum speed: 323 mph
Maximum cruising: 284 mph
Range: 4000 5530
Cost: $995,000
Production: 175

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