NXP/CWP051202-5/13/59-Charleston, W. VA, Only charred, twisted wrecked remains of a
Capital Airlines Constellation bound for Atlanta, that toppled over the edge of
Kanawha Airport runway here 5/12, and plunged 250 feet down a mountaiside, killing
two persons. The pilot is credited with saving the lives of 41 passengers by swerving
the plane to avoid dropping into a deeper gorge.            UPI Telephoto
          CWP051205-5/12/59 - Charleston, W. Va. -- This is a closeup of
one of the four burning engines of a Capital Airlines
constellation which crashed into a ravine here Tuesday.
Two of the 41 persons were killed.       UPI Telephoto

spray from fire extinguisher over the burning wreckage of a Capital Airlines Constellation
after it overshot a runway here yesterday. Bodies of two persons were recovered from
the wreckage. Six persons were hospitalized.       AP Wirephoto)

OVER BANK--Here is a Capital Airlines Constellation
burning after skidding tail-first over an embankment
in a landing accident yesterday. Two were killed.
Runway from which the plane came is in upper right cor-
ner. The last part of the plane's skid path is to
the right of the wreckage.     (AP WIREPHOTO)
(hel&1000ster-rw) 1959

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