CAPITAL AIRLINES was in talks with Lockheed Aircraft in 1957 to purchase nine 97 passenger Convair 880 pure jets, to be delivered from Sept. 1960 to Sept. 1961. In 1959 the order was decreased from 9 to 7. But, even after aircraft to fill that order were in production, United Airlines took over Capital and cancelled the order.

Where They Went And Final Disposition

N 22M-3 22-00-37 - Delivered to - EL Al as YV-C-VIC - Destroyed while used by Cathay Pacific

N 22M-3 22-00-43 - Delivered to - Swiss Air HB-ICL - Scrapped, last with Onyx Aviation

N 22M-3 22-00-45 - Delivered to - Swiss Air as HB-ICM - Destroyed while used by JAL

N 22M-3 22-00-46 - Delivered to - JAL as JA8026 - Scrapped, last with Trans Int'l Airlines

N 22M-3 22-00-47 - Delivered to - China Airlines as VR-HFS - Destroyed while used by Airtrust Singapore

N 22M-3 22-00-48 - Delivered - to JAL as JA8027 - Destroyed while used by private operator in USA

N 22M-3 22-00-49 - Delivered to - JAL as JA8028 - Destroyed while used by JAL

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