BEFORE -- Heavy corrugated aluminum com-     partment linings punctured easily, left jagged punctures,     would tear baggage, reflected little light..

    AFTER -- Continental laminated plastic cargo liners saves weight, have not punctured to date, brightens interiors, making baggage labels easier to read.


    Six-month tests prove its superiority as cargo
      Compartment liner, replacing aluminum

GOOD NEWS for designers and engineers! Some months ago cargo compartment
linings made of Continental's new laminated plastic were experimentally installed in
progressive Pennsylania-Cenetral "Capital Liners." Here's what J.H. Carmichael,
P.C.A. Vice president in Chicago of Operations had to say;

    "The use of Continental laminated plastic in lining our DC3 baggage
    and cargo compartments has been extremely successful -- so much so that
    we have adopted it as standard cargo compartment lining for our entire
    fleet and have highly recommended it to other airline operators.
    "Besides reducing weight, this laminated plastic has brightened interiors
    considerably. And it replaces corrugated aluminum, which frequently
    punctured leaving jagged edges that would tear bags and packages. After six
    months service this new material has not punctured once --
    and don’t appear that it will in the future."
This is only one example of the way designers and engineers all over the country
are profiting from the experience and facilities of Continental's Plastic Division alert, progressive organization equipped to give sound, practical advice and
assistance at all times!

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