In early 1960 Capital adopted a new company logo and aircraft paint scheme designed by the New York firm of Lippincott and Margulies. The new logo was a simpler design and was said to give a clearer identification and be less expensive to reproduce. The diamond and central oval of the logo would either have a blue diamond and white oval in the case of the individual logo on tickets, stationery, route maps, etc., or a white diamond and blue oval when applied to aircraft. Capital titles in the oval could be blue on white or vice versa. Analysis also indicated that the older upper and lower case red Capital titles were not legible at distances and in favor of this an all capitals Gothic lettering was selected. The new aircraft paint scheme featured the new logo on the tail and by the cabin door, a red background on the tail and a red dash running the length of the fuselage above the windows. Also, a gold stripe appeared along the length of the fuselage below the windows. The new logo and paint scheme were applied to the DC6Bs, a few Viscounts, Lockheed Electras (manufactured at Burbank but not delivered), but not to DC3s, DC4s, and Constellations. In mid-1960 a Convair 880 demonstrator plane painted all white carried the new logo on the tail (in this case blue diamond, white central oval, blue capital titles) and the all - capitals Gothic Capital titles on the fuselage. No red background on the tail and no red dash was applied to the Convair 880."

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