Capital Airline's Jo Humbert - first hostess to welcome the jet age.

A million jet-powered miles without spilling a drop

Jo Humbert attributes her deft way with the
coffee cups to the Viscount's smooth Rolls Royce
engines. She was first assigned to the Capital
Viscounts back in 1955. Since then she's been
chef, waitress, secretary, librarian, weather fore-
caster, and mother to her passen-
gers for over a million jet-powered
miles. She and her colleagues have
earned a skyful of praise, but their nicest compli-
ments are unspoken. A sleeping baby, a plate
wiped clean. a smile of contentment They'd
enjoy making you feel at home on your next
flight east of the Mississippi. Just ask your
        travel agent for a reservation on
        a jet-powered Capital Viscount and
        prepare to be pampered!
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