go turbo-prop!

tomorrows way to fly...here today!

Recently Capital Airlines extended it's Viscount Service to include Buffalo, Rochester, Philadelphia, and Milwakee

Every day, more and more Americans are discovering the many new joys of turbo-prop flight by traveling via Vickers Viscounts. The first and only turbo-prop airliners in North America. Viscounts now regularly serve New York, Washington, Norfolk, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, Montreal, Toronto, Atlanta, Birmingham, Mobile, New Orleans, and the Caribbean.

The Viscount performance proved aircraft of the turbo-prop age. It is powered by four Rolls-Royce Dart

turbo-prop engines to give the smoothest flight in the history of modern aviation.

The Viscount now provides faster, quieter, virtually vibrationless air transportion on the major routes of Capital Airlines, Trans-Canada Airlines, British West Indian Airways and many other airlines throughout the world.

Don't miss the opportunity to fly in a Viscount. It's an entirely new and wonderful experience in air travel.



Now you can know the delight of flying in a Viscount --- the airplane that has brought in the turbo-prop age in North America. The Vickers Viscount is the first and only turbo-prop airliner in commerial service. It is now serving such important centers as New York, Washington, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Miami and Bermuda.

The Viscount porvides smooth, pistonless turbo-prop flight at high speed and great comfort.

You can enjoy flying in the Viscount right now... as many major cities of Capital Airlines, Trans Canada Air Lines, and in the Carribean with B.O.A.C. and BWIA. The Viscount is also used by many other airlines throughout the world.

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