Cheboygan, Michigan was originally scheduled for air mail service and the Postmaster had been provided with an official cachet. There was such delay in inaugurating service that the city was dropped from schedules and the cachet recalled and discarded.

However, on June 12, 1941, conditions permitted the Pennsylvania-Central Airlines * inauguration of Air Mail service at Cheyboygan. An official cachet in an entirely new design was applied to all first flight covers. All mail regardless of destination was dispatched southbound, as northbound service was not authorized, even though Cheboygan was served between Traverse City and Sault Ste. Marie.

Louis Fischbach, a noted aerophilatelists, prepared the cover and intended for it to be flown northbound to Sault Sainte Marie.

This cover was carried on the inaugural southbound Air Mail Route 41 flight from Cheboygan, Michigan to Traverse City (it was backstamped on the following day at Sault Sainte Marie) and is listed in Contract Air Mail Flights (CAM) Section of The American Air Mail Catalogue as 41S7.

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